Should you talk about the Gospel in every sermon?


5 thoughts on “Should you talk about the Gospel in every sermon?

  1. A. Barnes says:

    Every sermon I preach is not moving towards Jesus nor is it specifically Christocentric. Nor do I necessarily want it too. I attempt to preach the text. So in Ephesians right now (ch 2), everything was Christocentric and pointed to Him. When I get to chapter 4-5 however that won’t be the case. The foundation is Christ obviously, but the imperatives are not pointing to Christ, they are calling all to be holy like Christ, the imperatives come out of the first 3 chapters of Gospel.

    In proverbs now, Same thing the foundation is Christ (Fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom). ALl wisdom comes from Christ. But I’m focusing on the specific text, what is that text calling my people to believe/do/value/etc.

    If I was a Redemptive-Historical Preacher (using that method only), then I would do the opposite of above. But I will not use up all the time, in every sermon always trying to get to Christ. Yes, He is the foundation, He points to all, but if I use up all the time preaching Christ (which is wonderful) and the Gospel alone, then I could never tell people how to be like Him (Holy as He is holy).

  2. A. Barnes says:

    To add on to that, if you listen to my sermons, I’d think you’d find anyway, that the Gospel is still proclaimed almost, if not, every time.

    Talk to Butterfield about this, he comes home tonight. He is a better defender of this view.

  3. all4hisrenown says:

    I would agree with your comments. I preach the text. There are elements of the gospel found within my sermons, but I do not preach all the elements every time. If I did, then I could never preach on other texts relating to the church.

    Would you consider Piper’s answer Redemptive-Historical?

  4. A. Barnes says:

    Um, I forgot what he said…haha. And the video isnt working for me anymore.

  5. Phillip Slaughter says:

    Maybe you should have named this post, “Should James post on his blog more than once a week?”

    I’m too lazy to keep a blog up. How am I supposed to live vicariously through your blog if you don’t post.

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