The Honor of God

Today I began to think about the mercy of God when it comes to the saving of sinners. You may think, “Yeah, I know I’m a sinner and God doesn’t like sin, so God should have punished me for my offenses.”  If you pause and study Scripture you can see the great lengths that God went to, in order to save sinners. There are many areas to consider when discussing the saving of sinners.

  1. The Honor of God
  2. The Humility of Christ
  3. The Horror of Sin

God, being perfect in every area concerning His attributes, must have great honor. By pure logic alone one can see that perfection brings honor. As you watch the Olympics and see Micheal Phelps break world records while winning eight gold medals, you must think you are watching perfection when it comes to swimming.  By thinking about how amazing that feat is you are honoring him as a swimmer and an athlete. So, God, being supremely greater, has Holy honor. Honor is demanded by God’s perfection and transcendence. Anything less would be an insult to His Glorious Holiness. If God is perfect and demands honor, then His ways and commands are perfect and demand honor. If His commands are not perfect then God is flawed and deserves no honor, but we know better.

Disobedience to God is to dishonor His perfection. For through our rebellion we are stating His ways are not good and perfect, but that they are unnecessary and useless. To dishonor God invokes another of His holy attributes; His righteous wrath. This is not an uncontrolled childish fit, but His righteous response to the attack upon His honor.  The result of this judgement is death. (Romans6:23) The problem is that man is incapable to honor God at all times through his life. (Romans 3:23) For this reason, judgement comes in the form of death, death physically and spiritually. For our first parents broke covenant with God and dishonored His command. Now, inherently guilt is transferred to every human being. So all men are deserving of His wrath.

The story could end in the universal judgement of mankind and the vindication of God’s honor, but it doesn’t. Now comes another wonderful attribute of God, that is His love. Somewhere in the depths of God’s being, He decreed that He would shower His grace on men. Taking pity on men and their sinfulness, He covenanted with His son to redeem men and women. This covenant took place in the economy of the trinty before the establishment of time, in which God would save,  Jesus would redeem, and the Holy Spirit would draw and seal. (Ephesians 1)

Christ, in all His Glory, submitted to the will of the Father and showed sinners His and His Father’s love. He accomplished this by incarnating to earth and living and dying in the place of sinners. Christ working through the cross placates His father’s wrath and expiates our sins. Through the cross God’s honor is restored and we are rescued. Only a God with perfect knowledge can decree and establish such a glorious plan. Mercy and grace are precious gifts to the sinner. May we cling to the cross and honor God through ou lives.


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