Five Reasons for Expositional Preaching

This past Monday I had the privilege to attend the annual ONE8 preaching workshop in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Outside of the wonderful fellowship, what I enjoyed the greatest was Dr. Hershael York’s lecture on the “Five Reasons for Expositional Preaching”. Below, I have provided a link to the notes on this lecture. In the hour that was allotted for his lecture, I found myself enthused and confident about this method of preaching. So, I hope you will enjoy the notes and find them helpful for your ministry.

Grace and Peace,
James D. Clardy

5 Reasons for Exp. Preaching


Should you talk about the Gospel in every sermon?

Founders Friday

Every Friday, I am going to post a quote or give commentary on a Founder of the SBC. Today, we have some words from J.L. Dagg.


“Love to God implies cordial approbation of his moral character. His natural attributes, eternity, immensity, omnipotence,& etc., may fill us with admiration; but these are not the proper objects of love. If we worship him in the beauty of holiness, the beauty of his holiness must excite the love of our hearts. As our knowledge of the moral perfections increases, our delight will stimulate to further study of them; and to a more diligent observation of the various methods in which they are manifested. The display of them, even in the most terrible exhibitions of his justice, will be contemplated with reverent, but approving awe; and their united glory, as seen in the great scheme of redemption by Christ, will be viewed with unmixed and never-ceasing delight.”

Quote from Manual of Theology,pg.49,Gano Books, 1990

Have a blessed day.

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Love For The Delta

Joe Thorn over at his blog,, had this to say about the suburbs.

I have said all this before, but it bears repeating: I both love and hate the suburbs – and I think this is healthy and necessary. Finding stuff to love and embrace in one’s culture can be difficult, at least for some. Some are so focused on the present evil and corruption that any good has been pushed beyond their peripheral vision. On the other hand some are so in love with (idolize) their culture they ignore all that is wrong with it.

Right now it’s cool to love the city and loathe the suburbs, but I do not believe this reflects the heart of God. I believe God has a love/hate relationship with this culture. My culture. And I’m working hard to maintain that balance in my own heart. (originally posted at sub•text)

Here in the Delta there is a different paradigm. People love the suburbs and hate the delta or rural areas in the south. The suburbs have the nice large churches and the delta has shrinking congregations. The people who live in the delta want to live in the suburbs and if they can’t they live as if they are in the suburbs. They have the same cars, clothes, and attitudes of the suburbs. Are the suburbs bad to minister in? No. But where are the ministers and church planters in the delta? These men drive right through these towns in the delta to go to the churches in the suburbs. I hear the cries for church planters to go back to the city and I see in the suburbs church plants popping up every other week. Listen for the cries for the delta and you will hear nothing, but the sound of  hopeless desperation.

Is the gospel geographically sensitive? Will the gospel work only in the suburbs and in the inner cities? I have nothing against the suburbs or the ministers that work there. In my State Convention there is little or no talk of the delta in the context of church planting. I know that the delta is tough, but so is the gospel. The only churches being planted in the delta are neo-pentecostal congregations. Southern Baptist are slowly fading away in the delta. In my association there are churches that have less than twenty people. As Joe said, there are things I love and hate about the delta. I see and hear every day the looks and sighs of hopelessness in my community. Our theology does not line up with our actions. For God’s Spirit can work here and build healthy churches. May God Bring Revival.

Time Goes By

I haven’t blogged in quite some time, as you can tell. I guess I’ll just bring you up to date on what is going on. In January we found out that we are having our fourth child and he or she is due in late September. We are excited about this little one coming into our lives. God is so faithful and gracious to give us children to raise under His banner. Eli is playing T-ball in Lexington for the Blue Jays and Enoch is getting his first pair of glasses tomorrow to correct his lazy-eye and Sarah is walking around everywhere while jabbering. I’m amazed how quickly time has passed since Eli, our first, was born in Alabama. I remember the fear, excitement, and the unexpected in the beginning. I was so emotional when Eli came home and I was glad to finally get him home. I have such great joy in raising these children and training them in the ways of the Lord. I pray that God will fill their hearts with His love and bring them to Himself for His Glory.

I’m still in Pickens as the pastor of Pickens Baptist Church. We have had a couple of rough patches, but God in His grace sustains us. Sunday School has grown and we have had salvations the last couple of weeks. I continue to preach and watch God’s Word work on His Bride. We just take one day at a time and wait on the Lord for His presence and power. Traci and I are doing well, we are going to the SBC in Kentucky this June. We are going without the kids, so we are a little excited about the trip and the opportunity to be alone.

There is not much more to tell. I tell people all the time that we are pretty boring people, but we love and enjoy each other very much. Hopefully, I can begin to blog more, if time permits. So, have a great weekend and God Bless.

Enoch’s B-Day “Da Big 2”

Here are some pics from Enoch’s birthday party!



The Honor of God

Today I began to think about the mercy of God when it comes to the saving of sinners. You may think, “Yeah, I know I’m a sinner and God doesn’t like sin, so God should have punished me for my offenses.”  If you pause and study Scripture you can see the great lengths that God went to, in order to save sinners. There are many areas to consider when discussing the saving of sinners.

  1. The Honor of God
  2. The Humility of Christ
  3. The Horror of Sin

God, being perfect in every area concerning His attributes, must have great honor. By pure logic alone one can see that perfection brings honor. As you watch the Olympics and see Micheal Phelps break world records while winning eight gold medals, you must think you are watching perfection when it comes to swimming.  By thinking about how amazing that feat is you are honoring him as a swimmer and an athlete. So, God, being supremely greater, has Holy honor. Honor is demanded by God’s perfection and transcendence. Anything less would be an insult to His Glorious Holiness. If God is perfect and demands honor, then His ways and commands are perfect and demand honor. If His commands are not perfect then God is flawed and deserves no honor, but we know better.

Disobedience to God is to dishonor His perfection. For through our rebellion we are stating His ways are not good and perfect, but that they are unnecessary and useless. To dishonor God invokes another of His holy attributes; His righteous wrath. This is not an uncontrolled childish fit, but His righteous response to the attack upon His honor.  The result of this judgement is death. (Romans6:23) The problem is that man is incapable to honor God at all times through his life. (Romans 3:23) For this reason, judgement comes in the form of death, death physically and spiritually. For our first parents broke covenant with God and dishonored His command. Now, inherently guilt is transferred to every human being. So all men are deserving of His wrath.

The story could end in the universal judgement of mankind and the vindication of God’s honor, but it doesn’t. Now comes another wonderful attribute of God, that is His love. Somewhere in the depths of God’s being, He decreed that He would shower His grace on men. Taking pity on men and their sinfulness, He covenanted with His son to redeem men and women. This covenant took place in the economy of the trinty before the establishment of time, in which God would save,  Jesus would redeem, and the Holy Spirit would draw and seal. (Ephesians 1)

Christ, in all His Glory, submitted to the will of the Father and showed sinners His and His Father’s love. He accomplished this by incarnating to earth and living and dying in the place of sinners. Christ working through the cross placates His father’s wrath and expiates our sins. Through the cross God’s honor is restored and we are rescued. Only a God with perfect knowledge can decree and establish such a glorious plan. Mercy and grace are precious gifts to the sinner. May we cling to the cross and honor God through ou lives.

Don’t Waste Your Pulpit

Why do churches depend on their creative abilities instead of leaning on the Word of God? Piper addresses this in this short little clip called, “Don’t Waste Your Pulpit”.

Preaching Notes

Joshua Harris has a series going in where he gives you sermon notes of some of todays greatest preachers. Go check it out and all the manuscripts are in pdf. format. You can find this series at